Friday, February 13, 2009


We live in what is called the information age. We can speak with anyone around the world instantly in the form of email or text messages. Everyday millions of conversations take place throughout the world. Often we feel that our most important conversations or communications are not being heard or understood.

In our conversations with those closest to us – family, friends and coworkers – we have to remember one very important thing called active listening. Active listening is listening devoid of any running commentary in our heads. It is listening, truly listening without interrupting, without second-guessing where the conversation is going.

We have all been guilty of “spacing out” during a conversation, only to wonder later on what it was we were discussing. When we practice active listening, we are truly in the moment, in the “now”. The person speaking to us feels truly heard and appreciated. Try practicing active listening this week. When someone speaks to you, stop and give that person your undivided attention. You will notice the change in them and in yourself. The lesson is in our anatomy, we have one mouth, but two ears – maybe listening twice as much as speaking is something we are designed to do.

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Sensei Orlando

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