Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Power of Sharing

Space, the final frontier...even for those of us that are not Star Trek fans will recognize those words. Back in 1966 there was a show that was ahead of its time. Many of us were children and even more of us were not even born. This show despite its themes, developed a following. When it was threatened with cancellation in its second season (it only had three seasons), it was the power of sharing (through a massive letter writing campaign, today it would be through blogs and email) that brought it back for a third. Had it not been for this power of sharing we may never have heard of this show that has become a part of our culture and has generated numerous spin offs and several feature films, cementing for all time the original cast members in the annals of television history. So why am I sharing this with you? There are many times that we fail to realize the power we possess when we share. Those of us who have worked with sales or in sales realize the power of referral, but what does it mean really, the referral? Isn't it just another form of sharing? You were pleased with a product or service that you just had to tell your friends or family, in essence you had to share. We have all been to a fantastic restaurant, the service was amazing, the ambiance perfect, the meals succulent. Our experience was so incredible that we rave about it to our friends, family, and even strangers that may ask us about a good place to eat.
On a deeper level we share ourselves with our families, children, and spouses. By sharing ourselves we impart those people in our lives a glimpse of who we really are. We make ourselves vulnerable, but we also form strong bonds, we become a community.
When we decided to start a martial art school, it wasn't on a whim. The reason was because I had and have Sensei who have shared themselves with me. With that sharing came a responsibility to pass on the knowledge that was given to me. Within their sharing was an implicit message: "To keep what I am sharing with you, to yourself, is being stingy and selfish. Find a way to share what I am sharing with you."
Amazingly, we have a habit of being stingy and selfish, especially with ourselves. We don't celebrate our accomplishments with those closest to us, we don't let others acknowledge us, many times we don't accept that we have transformed, in many cases drastically and positively.
So what should we do? If you have something positive and good in your life, share it with others.
I recently had a parent tell me about how great their children are doing in the school, naturally I was pleased. In fact in many cases I'm just as pleased as the parents because, like I tell all the parents, once your children join our school, they are my children too. In my discussion with these parents an interesting comment was made. They were so excited about our school they told me they were "preaching" to everyone about us. After giving it some thought, I realized this is what we do when we have something good (or bad) in our life, we preach to others about our experiences. In other words we share.
I also realized something else, almost everyone in our school has done the same, shared about us to someone else. It's a telling indicator, that when we have something positive in our life and we are not sharing it with others, then we are veering into being selfish. You will find that if you are being selfish in one area of your life, it impacts other areas. At its core this selfishness creates an state of scarcity that can influence every aspect of your life.
So how to correct this state? Share. Share of yourself, share those things that are positive in your life. Share with everyone, those close to you and strangers as well. When you share this way you will find that people will be just as willing to share and give of themselves to you.
strong spirit-strong mind-strong body
Sensei Orlando