Thursday, February 12, 2009

Being Postive

Has this happened to you? You feel a tickle in your throat and you utter these telltale words: “Oh no, I’m sick!” Next thing you know, a fever sets in, body aches, runny nose and before you it, you have a full blown cold. How about this? You feel a tickle, but you have a deadline to meet or some other urgent situation to address. The next words you utter are: “I don’t have time to be sick!” And somehow the tickle never develops into more than a tickle. The above examples are my personal experience, it may or may not be the same for you.

The one thing I can share with you is this; being positive in your outlook, words and thoughts help you to lead a positive life.

People who are always negative (and we all know one) have a tendency to be surrounded by negative situations or negative people. Like attracts like. Today even in the midst of problems and difficulties, try to be positive. By doing so, you attract the positive in life. Today when you see the glass with water leveling at the middle, see it as half full, not half empty.

strong spirit strong mind strong body

Sensei Orlando

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