Friday, February 27, 2009

Active Self-Defense - Vocal Assertion

This week in our class, we dealt with "What is vocal assertion?" and "How can sound be a weapon in your arsenal of self-defense?"

As we mature and become adults, the opportunities for us to use our voices diminish. You rarely raise your voice (unless you are a fervent fan of some sports team) and we are taught that it is improper to raise our voices or yell. It is this default way of being that an attacker counts on. An assailant does not want attention and if you are loud, you are making it difficult for him to achieve his goal, which is to harm or rob you. In some cases, both. When you are in this situation, you yell, shout, scream... anything that will draw attention to yourself. The idea is to deter the attacker by drawing unwanted attention and giving yourself time to escape the area.

We also recapped our wrist grab and escaping from the headlock. This week we added the use of the fingers to get out of the headlock and what it means to be aware, so you don't end up with someones arm around your neck.

We also discussed carrying weapons. As I mentioned in class I am not against carrying weapons for your defense, but as I stressed in class if you carry mace and the wind is against you, you may end up being the one maced. Likewise if you carry a knife or box cutter or any other type of weapon, you have to understand that drawing a weapon takes time, precious seconds that you could be using to put distance between you and your attacker. Another point that was made in the class is that if you carry a weapon, you need to make sure you know how to defend against that weapon, in the event that the weapon is taken from you.

I realize we are living in uncertain times and people sometimes get desperate, it's one of the reasons this class exists (Come join our class next Wednesday! It's totally free!). Remember to always be aware of your surroundings, who is behind you or is shadowing you. Turn around and look.

I want to thank everyone who attended the class this week and especially our new visitors, Khadeidrae, Kat and Myron. It was really great being able to teach you all and I look forward to next week.

Have a safe weekend!

Sensei Orlando

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