Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is MMA the natural evolution of Martial Arts?

Every time I hear that martial arts are going to disappear and MMA is going to take over I chuckle. I'm not denying that MMA is prevalent now (I even saw a very popular school change its name to include MMA). It's not that I am a purist. I think anyone who studies a martial art should cross train in another art that complements the art they are studying. For example if you study a standing and striking art, then you should complement it with a ground, grappling style.

What many don't seem to understand is that martial arts are meant to be encompassing.

No one style has everything you need. Before the splintering of schools, the sharing of knowledge was a common thing. Even now I interact with fellow students of different styles; jujitsu, aikido, muy thai, and karate that get together to share knowledge of techniques and what we can apply where. I think this is essential if martial arts are to move forward with the times. Many of the opponents to this kind of cross style interaction feel that something will get lost in the translation. Speaking from the history of Karate, I know that many of the old masters used to do just that. They would get together to share and find out what worked and discard what didn't.

I think that today this is necessary, and that we as martial artists should embrace the diversity that exists under the umbrella of "Martial arts". We need to share, learn from each other and support one another in our respective endeavors.

strong spirit-strong mind-strong body

Sensei Orlando

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