Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Active Self Defense - The EWW Factor

When I describe certain techniques in our self defense class I invariably get what I call the EWW factor. What I call the EWW factor is the expression I get every time I instruct someone in the group to shatter a knee or break a finger.
First the idea crosses the person's mind, then the actuality sinks in, "I should do what?" Then the reaction of denial, "I can't possibly do that to another person, after all I'm civilized" Here is where the mistake is being made. We somehow think that the person who wants to commit bodily harm is actually thinking of our well being . We default to our "nice" way of being because it's all we know and practice often. I want to dispel that myth for you right now. Someone who is attacking you and wants to harm you or your loved ones deserves no kind of consideration. There are no rules when it comes to your defense.What you need to do is devastate that person immediately without hesitation. I can assure that you are being viewed as a resource: either you have money, valuables, or even your person is the target of the attacker. The person attacking you has stripped you of any vestige of humanity and views you as less than what you are. It is your job to correct that impression and to do so with the utmost ferocity.

When I say grab a finger and break it, or take an elbow and smash it into a face. What I am saying to you is that you need to do whatever it takes so you go home safe, sound and alive. If I emphasize a technique that shatters a knee, it's so that person can no longer follow you to harm you.

Each Wednesday evening, we break through the "EWW" Factor as I demonstrate techniques and then have them done on me, not delicately, but hard and with intention. It's great to see the realization dawn on a person's face when they realize they can do a technique that doesn't require strength, just a knowledge of bio-mechanics. If we do them often enough, the conditioning of "niceness" that we have can be overridden. We can be devastating and explosive if and when the need arises. Self Defense is 90% awareness and 10% technique. That being said, the 10% needs to be effective, powerful, and practical.

strong spirit-strong mind-strong body

Sensei Orlando


Anonymous said...

I love your site Orlando!


The Empty Hand said...

Thank you Lee!! Keep reading will e posting alot more!

Anonymous said...

I would say that the ultimate goal of martial arts training is to remove their will to fight without harming them, with causing physical harm as a fall back due to lack to true skill.

The Empty Hand said...

True, one the goals of training is to avoid the confrontation or resolve it as peacefully as possible. That being said, you can remove the will to fight physically, without causing harm. This requires a very high degree of skill.

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