Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Active Self Defense - Making an Impact

For our weekly Self defense class, we discussed what to do when confronted with a gang or more than one attacker. I'm sorry to disappoint the ninja fans out there, but what you should do when confronted with this situation is what I have discussed all along... avoid. If at all possible, you should never, ever confront a gang on your own, it happens to be the worse of all scenarios, you are outnumbered, outmatched and you don't know if any of the gang members are armed. (When I use the word "gang" here I am referring to a group of people who are intent on doing harm and/or vandalism. I am not referring to any particular affiliation.)

I want to thank Michael who brought a variation to the wrist grab this week that made it challenging for some of the group to escape, and this is what we are all about. I bring real-life scenarios to the class and use the experiences we have to make our classes excellent. We also worked again on the headlock as a few of the students went home and practiced on spouses or friends and found that they couldn't escape.

We addressed the points that were missing in the technique and found that you could escape if you follow the steps (Tuck your chin, turn your head to the fist and push the elbow, barring that -grab the fingers and start breaking!).

This week we also worked on making an impact: using our palm heels and elbows to strike. I am of the philosophy that unless you have lots of years of training, it's hard to soft and soft to hard. If you are going to strike a hard part of the body you use what's considered a soft part of your body and vice-versa. So out came the body pad and everyone got to feel what it was like to actually hit something. Its quite different from hitting air which has little to no resistance and then hitting a 230lb attacker coming at you with the intent to harm you. I think its an exercise we must practice often as it helps dispel the myths with create in our heads from movies that one punch will take a person down.

Overall each class has become an excellent learning experience for both the class and myself and I look forward to each Wednesday!

strong spirit-strong mind- strong body

Sensei Orlando


Susan said...

I'm glad I could lend my son and his strength to the class last week! I'm sorry to miss this week, but look forward to being there next week.

The Empty Hand said...

Please thank Michael for his participation in our class and his type of wrist grab gave us a new way to work on getting out of it. We will miss you in class and I look forward to seeing you next week.