Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome to The Empty Hand

The starting point is emptiness. The old adaqe of the pupil who could not learn because he"knew it all" applies here. When you empty your cup you make space for it to be filled again and again. Each morning we should empty our respective cups, not knowing what life or the day will present to us, we should be open to creating and experiencing new and amazing things, each day.

Why call it The Empty Hand and not "Martial Arts 101" or The Martial Arts Forum? Aside from those names being taken, The Empty Hand embodies the spirit of this blog. I will attempt to bring you ideas from martial arts that we can discuss, apply and integrate into our lives.

When you live the Martial Way, you understand that it is not a sport or hobby, but a way of being.

I do not propose to know it all, and frankly my knowledge of the martial arts may be limited in some areas, and so I empty my cup as I learn and share with each of you. I look forward to hearing and learning from those of you that read these posts.

strong spirit- strong mind- strong body

Sensei Orlando

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